Trucks on Residential Streets

Trucks are permitted to travel on all city streets unless otherwise prohibited.

Local or residential street prohibitions

If you believe that there is a safety or traffic congestion issue caused by trucks using local streets in your neighborhood to bypass arterial streets, you can request an investigation through our district offices

If warranted, LADOT will post signs prohibiting trucks weighing three or more tons.  Even if signs are posted, certain oversized vehicles will be exempt:
• Emergency vehicles
• Transit or shuttle buses
• Trucks involved in construction on the street
• Trucks making deliveries on the street
• Vehicles needing to enter and exit nearby businesses

Oversized vehicle parking prohibitions

Vehicles exceeding 22 feet in length are not allowed to park in residential areas.  They are also prohibited from parking for more than three hours in all other areas of the city.  Exceptions to these two regulations apply for trucks when they are performing a service at the location or are actively loading or unloading.

Please contact the Los Angeles Police Department for enforcement of posted truck restrictions.

Please contact our parking enforcement office if trucks are violating state or municipal parking laws on your residential street.